BVK – Monumental Legacy

2014 – present , project BVK – Monumental Legacy consist  from multiple, multimedia, artworks/workshops : In memoriam | Kombinat | For sentimental reasons | Clew | Made in | Go brother there, where you can create something


The project  “BVK monumental legacy” is based on the exploration of the remnants of the once very strong textile industry in former Yugoslavia. More precisely, the work refers to the Belgrade Woollen Combine (BVK) textile factory, that belongs to the one of the first industrial zones in Belgrade, situated on the left bank of the Danube.

In the focus of my research was collecting the vintage wool clothing, suits and coats with former Yugoslavian fashion labels such as Kluz, Beko, December 22, Tetex, from the people in my surroundings who have held on to them for different reasons. This indisputably materialistic, as well as a specific document on production of the BVK, is a reminder of the workers who were part of that production, the people who wore them, my neighborhood, my profession and the entire branch of the economy that no longer exists.

2014, In memoriam, 137 cm (heigh) x 180 cm (width) x 5 cm (depth), silkscreen print of the weaving and spinning mill of the Belgrade Woollen Combine (BVK) on the three authentic woolen suits with former YU fashion labels hanged on wooden hangers.